Mold and Moisture: 4 Common Sources of Mold in a Home

We recently performed a visual fungal assessment and air sampling services at a home in Hillsboro, Oregon. Our investigation was requested in response to: Observations of a musty odor Concerns about hidden mold growth Reports of allergy-like symptoms During the assessment, our technician uncovered four of the most common sources of mold and moisture that […]

When Does Your Home Need a Professional Mold Assessment?

Residents in the Portland area often think twice about what may be causing their allergy symptoms in the spring. At first glance, their nasal congestion, sneezing, and throat irritation may appear to be a normal allergic reaction to blooming flowers and trees. But those who are familiar with our local rainy spring season often tack […]

After the Cleanup: How Do You Know There Isn’t Kitchen Mold?

A homeowner named Patricia in Wilsonville, Oregon contacted us when she needed to know whether her home had kitchen mold. Patricia’s story, like many others, started with an unexpected event and ended with recommendations to improve her situation and assurances from the experienced professionals at Healthy Home. The Unexpected Event Though the event Patricia experienced […]

XRF Lead Testing Is the Best Way to Inspect a Home to Meet EPA’s RRP

A residential remodeling company recently contacted us to complete a HUD-level lead-based paint inspection at a residence in Beaverton, Oregon. The request for this type of inspection came during renovations that the residential remodeling company was making to the home but before they completed an entire home renovation. The purpose of the lead-based paint inspection […]

Prevent Problems from Becoming Catastrophes with an Early Detection Home Mold Inspection After a Water Intrusion in Your Home

During a home mold inspection, we uncovered concerning issues that, if addressed properly, would potentially save a client from having to tackle extensive mold troubles down the road. Maddy contacted us because she was concerned she may be exposed to excessive mold growth in her Lake Oswego home. She said she smelled a musty odor […]

Renovations Have Homeowner Asking: Could Asbestos be Lurking in My Older Home?

The quick answer to this homeowner’s question is:  Yes. Asbestos could be lurking within the walls, ceilings, floors and other materials inside any older home. Where Asbestos May Be Present in a Home Many people automatically think of insulation as the main source of asbestos in homes. It is true that houses built between 1930 […]

Dampness in Office Buildings Causes Concerns

Ask around and it wouldn’t be too difficult to find office workers who suspect their workplace makes them sick. But, this can literally be true when dampness causes excessive mold growth inside office buildings. It’s not uncommon for office buildings to develop dampness issues from roof and window leaks, condensation, plumbing leaks, and high indoor […]

Lead Testing Detects Contamination After Renovations

  Often, there is the potential for disturbing lead-based paint and other lead-containing materials during home renovation projects. This could result in potentially harmful levels of lead in dust particles in your home. A client of ours, Danielle, contacted us for lead testing with just such a concern after performing multiple renovations in her older […]

Mold Assessment Helps Home Seller By Revealing Roof Leak

Healthy Home’s, Mold Limited Screening Service helped a client who was trying to sell his home determine that a roof leak was responsible for a mysterious stain that was causing concern for potential home buyers. Because of this, our client was able to avoid creating a haven for excessive mold growth in his home – […]

Set Your Mind at Ease with Professional Mold Testing

  If you need your home checked for excessive mold or fungi growth, you want to be sure that the company you choose is professional, diligent in their testing procedures and uses the most up-to-date equipment available. At Healthy Home, our mold testing services are second to none. Rainy Weather Fosters Mold Growth Rainy winters […]

Testing Before Home Renovations Ensures Proper Safety Measures Are Taken

If you’re planning a home improvement project, it’s important to test for the presence of lead-based paint and asbestos in the materials that will be affected by the renovations. If testing reveals the presence of lead-based paint or asbestos in areas that will be disturbed, you can ensure that the contractors performing the renovations take […]

Unlicensed Contractor Causes Problems for Homeowners

You could waste a lot of time and money if you don’t make sure the company you hire to remove lead-based paint from your home is certified and licensed by the State of Oregon to do so safely and in compliance with all regulations. Both federal and state authorities certify and license lead-based paint service […]