Healthy Home Opens new Service Areas in Oregon & SW Washington

Healthy Home is expanding its service areas to include the central and southern Oregon markets as well as SW Washington. Previously focused on serving the Portland Metro area, this expansion will offer residents of these new areas the ability to benefit from Healthy Home’s services with more ease and convenience. “Countless Americans suffer from illnesses […]

Clearance Levels for Lead Dust in Pre-1978 Homes and Child Care Facilities

The EPA recently announced a new action to protect children from hazardous lead exposure in pre-1978 homes and child care facilities after abatement activities. After lead has been removed from a building, those buildings must be tested to ensure that the post abatement cleaning activities were successful. Clearance levels indicate that lead dust was effectively […]

Residential Demolition Requirements in Portland

Are you planning a demolition project on your residential property? As of December 1, 2020, demolition rules for the city of Portland have been updated. All forms of demolition will require one demolition permit per structure, even if the buildings are on the same property. Additionally, only Certified Deconstruction Contractors are permitted to complete demolition. […]

XRF Lead Testing Is the Best Way to Inspect a Home to Meet EPA’s RRP

A residential remodeling company recently contacted us to complete a HUD-level lead-based paint inspection at a residence in Beaverton, Oregon. The request for this type of inspection came during renovations that the residential remodeling company was making to the home but before they completed an entire home renovation. The purpose of the lead-based paint inspection […]

Lead Testing Detects Contamination After Renovations

  Often, there is the potential for disturbing lead-based paint and other lead-containing materials during home renovation projects. This could result in potentially harmful levels of lead in dust particles in your home. A client of ours, Danielle, contacted us for lead testing with just such a concern after performing multiple renovations in her older […]

Testing Before Home Renovations Ensures Proper Safety Measures Are Taken

If you’re planning a home improvement project, it’s important to test for the presence of lead-based paint and asbestos in the materials that will be affected by the renovations. If testing reveals the presence of lead-based paint or asbestos in areas that will be disturbed, you can ensure that the contractors performing the renovations take […]

Unlicensed Contractor Causes Problems for Homeowners

You could waste a lot of time and money if you don’t make sure the company you hire to remove lead-based paint from your home is certified and licensed by the State of Oregon to do so safely and in compliance with all regulations. Both federal and state authorities certify and license lead-based paint service […]