Clearance Levels for Lead Dust in Pre-1978 Homes and Child Care Facilities

The EPA recently announced a new action to protect children from hazardous lead exposure in pre-1978 homes and child care facilities after abatement activities. After lead has been removed from a building, those buildings must be tested to ensure that the post abatement cleaning activities were successful. Clearance levels indicate that lead dust was effectively removed. This ruling lowered the maximum clearance levels of lead dust on floors and interior window sills.


Effective January 2, 2020, these stricter hazard standards will reduce lead dust-related risks to children in pre-1978 homes or childcare facilities where lead abatement activities occur. Other benefactors include property owners, lead paint professionals, and government agencies, as lead hazards are identified at these lower levels. Read more details regarding this important action by the EPA here.


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Dan Rouse