Mold Testing Services

Healthy Home is a local, Portland/Metro company that offers Mold Testing Services for residential customers. We offer non-invasive testing utilizing the latest in infrared testing technology. Healthy Home technicians are ACAC accredited and familiar with where mold could be hiding in the unseen areas of your walls or ceilings. All sampling is analyzed by accredited laboratories.

Mold issues can exist for years without a homeowner, renter, or landlord even realizing the problem. Infestations are especially common in newer homes where modern building materials and construction techniques can actually contribute to mold problems.

Mold spores are common in our environment, but can cause major health issues when infestations occur in homes. Mold issues can cause allergies and chronic sickness that are often attributed to other things. We know of countless homeowners that have been unknowingly subjected to these types of mold problems that only found relief from their medical conditions once the mold was discovered and removed.

We offer four separate services for Mold Testing.

Mold Limited Screening- Screening includes two samples: one indoor and one outdoor.

Mold Comprehensive Inspection- We test living space just like the mold screening service but do so with three indoor samples and one outdoor sample. We also inspect the attic and crawlspace. This service includes deployment of an infrared camera to read temperature differentials inside walls, which could be an indicator of mold issues.

Mold Remediation Protocols- If requested, Healthy Home has the expertise to guide the mold remediation process by developing a Mold Remediation Protocol. The protocol provides detailed instructions to a restoration contractor on how to perform removal and cleaning safely and efficiently. IMPORTANT NOTE: A Mold Comprehensive Inspection must be performed prior to developing a Mold Remediation Protocol. Information and data collected during a Mold Comprehensive Inspection are used to develop your individualized Mold Remediation Protocol.

Post Mold Abatement/Mitigation Clearance- This investigation is performed after remediation is complete. A Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) survey, also known as a clearance test, includes a visual inspection and moisture assessment of the construction materials that were part of the remediation work. Air samples are taken for analysis. The PRV inspection is necessary to properly assess whether the mold remediation was performed completely and successfully and provides a document that can be filed for future reference should a need arise. This service applies to a single containment area.

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