Asbestos Abatement Protocols

Asbestos abatement projects are designed to permanently eliminate identified asbestos-containing materials that may be damaged, have a potential for sustaining damage or are likely to be impacted by renovation activities. The site work should take one to two hours. An electronic PDF protocol will be emailed to you approximately one week after the site visit. Healthy Home utilizes EPA-accredited professionals for performing asbestos testing and project design activities in Oregon and Washington.

The abatement protocols created are documents sufficient to use for the solicitation of bids from qualified asbestos abatement contractors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An Asbestos Comprehensive Inspection must be performed prior to developing an Asbestos Abatement Protocol. Information and data collected during an Asbestos Comprehensive Inspection are used to develop your individualized Asbestos Abatement Protocol.

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