How We Test for Asbestos

How we test for asbestos

Once you have decided to hire Healthy Home to conduct your asbestos testing, you will need to prepare the location. Standard testing practices ask that the landlord, resident or homeowner turn off all circulation in the residence (fans, air conditioning, etc.) and that the house is empty of people and animals during testing.

Healthy Home uses several sampling methods catered to our clients’ specific needs.

Asbestos surveys

Asbestos surveys are helpful tools to minimize the potential of exposure to asbestos to the occupants of a house, contractors, or any others that may disturb building materials in your home.

Testing for asbestos is a simple, straightforward and relatively inexpensive process. Our trained EPA-accredited inspectors will conduct a thorough walkthrough of your house or the areas of the house you want to be tested, and identify all accessible suspect materials. These materials will be carefully sampled in a manner that satisfies all federal, state and local regulations and is safe for your family. The samples will be submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis, and a report of the findings will be delivered to you in approximately one week.

Asbestos Abatement

If asbestos is discovered during the testing of your home, we will guide you through the process of either managing those materials safely in place or provide help on the abatement of them. We can refer licensed asbestos abatement contractors who will carefully remove the asbestos-containing materials under special engineering controls that prevent the asbestos fibers from escaping the abatement area.

Clearance Testing

Following abatement, we can assist with the collection of asbestos air samples to determine if the air in the abatement work area is safe. Once the safety of the air is tested and documented, the engineering controls can be removed and the area can be occupied once again. 

Asbestos Air Sampling

Asbestos air sampling can be conducted to determine the airborne concentrations of asbestos in your house. A typical trigger to conduct asbestos air sampling is when suspected asbestos-containing materials in a residence are disturbed by construction or other activities. Another reason for air sampling is when known asbestos is present, such as popcorn ceiling texture, and the homeowner wants to know if the material is causing contamination of the house through degradation.

Air testing for asbestos requires collecting a volume of air through a sample cassette and analyzing the filter media inside the cassette. Asbestos fibers are counted under a microscope, and a formula is used to determine the airborne concentrations of asbestos.

Whatever your needs are concerning asbestos testing, we are here to guide you through the process. Healthy Home is your local asbestos testing expert!