Comprehensive Lead-Based Paint Inspection

A comprehensive (HUD-level) lead-based paint inspection provides representative readings of interior and exterior components per the Housing of Urban Development’s (HUD) guidelines. These components include representative doors, windows, walls, etc. Readings are collected utilizing an XRF device. The XRF direct-read device is an accepted resource for lead inspections by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/Housing of Urban Development (HUD). This nondestructive method does not require collecting paint chip samples or scoring the surface. We provide immediate feedback on whether components contain lead-based paint. The inspection takes approximately two hours. An electronic PDF report will be emailed to you in three to five business days following the site visit.

Note: This level of inspection by Healthy Home will meet both HUD and EPA RRP requirements. The RRP Rule does not require certified inspectors or certified risk assessors to test each and every component that will be affected by a renovation. Certified inspectors or risk assessors are free to conduct representative sampling when the components to be tested are chosen in accordance with documented methodologies such as the HUD Guidelines.

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