Lead-Based Paint Abatement/Stabilization Protocols

Lead-abatement projects are designed to permanently eliminate existing lead-based paint hazards. They may be ordered by a state or local government in response to a lead-poisoned child or other reasons or may be undertaken voluntarily at any time. Healthy Home will work closely with you to develop client/site/project-specific lead-based paint abatement/stabilization protocols. The site work should take one to two hours. An electronic PDF protocol will be emailed to you in five to seven business days following the site visit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Abatement/Stabilization Protocols are an add-on service to a Comprehensive Lead-Based Paint Inspection. A Comprehensive Lead-Based Paint Inspection will need to be completed prior to conducting the site work for the lead-based paint abatement/stabilization protocols. See Healthy Home Comprehensive Lead-Based Paint Inspection and risk assessment services below for options.

Note: Lead-based paint abatement activities are regulated differently than renovation, repair and painting jobs even though in some cases the activities are similar. EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) projects are typically performed at the option of the property owner for aesthetic or other reasons or as an interim control to minimize lead hazards. They are NOT designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Since RRP projects can disturb lead-based paint in homes and buildings built before 1978, thus creating new lead hazards, individual renovators must be trained and certified in lead-safe RRP practices and firms must be certified.

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