Mold Comprehensive Inspection

We test living space just like the mold screening service but do so with two indoor samples and two outdoor samples. We also inspect the attic and crawlspace. This service includes deployment of an infrared camera to read temperature differentials inside walls, which could be an indicator of mold issues. Additional samples are $50 per sample.

Step One: Discovery

We start by obtaining information regarding current and past problems and conditions. These include humidity or condensation problems, moldy odors, past or present building envelope leaks, plumbing leaks and any visible mold. We also interview you regarding health concerns and symptoms. While we inspect and diagnose buildings, not people, health concerns and symptoms may coincide with changes in the indoor environment and help us better understand the situation. The mold investigator’s interview helps determine potential causes of issues in your home or business.

Step Two: Mold Inspection

We perform a complete visual inspection of all accessible areas of concern in your home to locate areas of potentially elevated moisture and other problem conditions as well as to identify any visible evidence of mold growth. Healthy Home employs the most technologically advanced equipment to locate areas of concern.

  • Buck BioAire™ pumps for the collection of air samples
  • Infrared cameras that detect temperature differentials inside walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Handheld moisture meters that pass tiny electrical signals through building surfaces to determine moisture content
  • Humidity meters that read the percentage of evaporated moisture in the air

Step Three: Mold Testing and Analysis

Mold spores in the air and on surfaces are often invisible to the naked eye. Microscopic mold spores are detected by collecting samples from the air and surfaces then analyzing them under a microscope or by growing them in a controlled laboratory environment. Typically, in addition to the indoor air samples, an outdoor air sample is collected to determine if indoor mold spore concentrations are unusually high in comparison to those outside.

Healthy Home uses only accredited laboratories for sample analysis. It is crucial that a trained professional microscopist performs the lab analysis of the samples collected from your property.

Step Four: Mold Report

Healthy Home prepares a detailed written report of the inspector’s findings, which may include photo documentation, spore levels, and analysis of species along with the inspector’s conclusions and recommendations.

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